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Bugs In a Portland Vegan Restaurant


Okay, so the title might be a bit misleading, it’s actually not what it seems, but quite interesting… A few weeks ago, my friend Hannah told me that she needed advice and that she would treat me to a “Nice” dinner for my time. It was two days before pay day and I had been getting by with just a single pop tart per meal for the last week, so real food was something I gladly accepted. It was quite a weird night, aside from the fact that she knew I was a meat eater and she brought me to a vegan restaurant, it seemed as though that when we met, she forgot the whole reason why we arranged this meeting.

After ordering for me, due to me having no idea which food would actually taste good, I asked what she needed advice on, and what came was somewhat strange, it was as if she didn’t know what to say and just randomly picked a subject. She asked me how to get rid-off those nasty bed bugs, followed with a somewhat confused face herself. Of course I brushed it off by saying to either change her whole bed or get an exterminator.

This wasn’t the first time she invited me out to somewhere and just awkwardly talked about random things, the week before that she treated me to coffee and just spoke about how she had nothing to do next February, and asked if I had any plans. I found strange that she would ask someone what they were up to four months from now.

When the food came something I did not expect in that restaurant landed on our table, two burgers, and they looked good. I bit into one of them, finally eating something that didn’t come from a convince store shelf, and tasted what was probably the best burger I’ve had. I asked “Isn’t this a vegan place? Why do they have burgers?”, she told me it was, and they were veggie burgers.


I felt betrayed, being fed false meat! Just kidding, I was pleasantly surprised that you can still actually eat tasty food and have a healthy lifestyle. I then thought of all the times that she treated me to somewhere and realized that I was at poverty mode during those times. It became clear to me that rather than being strange she only wanted to make sure I was eating right and treat me to help me out.

I decided to play along and we continued talking about her “Bed bug problem” the whole night, while eating a healthy meal. After dinner, she asked me to walk her home, which I agreed to, given that she did pay for dinner. Unlike eating something meaty I felt lighter yet and energetic after our meal, our walk home was rather uneventful, she told me she was cold so I gave her my jacket. When we got to the door she didn’t immediately go in as if waiting for something. I knew what she wanted, so I leaned over and said “Thanks for dinner”. She smiled and walked to the door, I said her name and she immediately turned, and I asked for my jacket back. I thanked her again for dinner, waved and walked away.


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Barbara Thomas