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Is There A Difference? Organic and Conventionally Farmed Vegetables

As vegans it is important for us to consume the best produce we can find, after all, it is not only our primary but our only food source. So the question “is there a difference between Organic and Conventionally Farmed Vegetables?” is quite a valid one. Before we start with what I have to say, I have to state that I have researched this myself through inquiries with farmers and a call to a Pest Control Company Hempstead, and have made my conclusions and will be stating my opinions. If you disagree and prefer to stick to your own way of doing things, I respect that. Columbus OH electrician suggested that we hire a pest control company.

So let’s start with my conclusion; there is little to no difference between them! Organically or conventionally farmed, Organic or GMO, it’s all mostly the same. I know that you might think that Monsanto and the government are plotting something with the Franken Veggies, but the truth is they are only trying to either profit or just feed the population. Most if not all released GMO crops have been thoroughly tested and declared safe and organic pesticides and synthetic pesticides are equally pesticides.

I can say that some “organic” produce taste better compared to its competitors, but honestly, some GMO products are pretty good. And if you think synthetic pesticides affect the environment, you would be correct, but organic pesticides equally do this too. So is there a difference, no to really, each has its pro’s and con’s, but at the end of the day, at the hands of a good cook, they are equally good food.

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Barbara Thomas