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Must Try Vegan Restaurants in Salt Lake City

Living in Salt Lake City and being a vegan is just perfect. Salt Lake City is a rising star for being the best vegan friendly state. Vegan restaurants are sprouting like mushrooms. You do not have to search far to find a nice spot to dine and not worry about finding something vegan to eat. Although I learned how to find vegan food in the most impossible of places, like a steak house, I still appreciate moments when I all that is there is the menu is vegan.

Here are some of my favorite vegan restaurants that you should try, too. I swear these restaurants are one of the best you can find, not just in Salt Lake, but in the entire world.

The Big O Doughnuts

Let us start with dessert. I stumbled on this place after scouting for affordable carpet cleaners. At first I was hesitant because the place doesn’t look vegan. But looks can deceive, this restaurant is actually 100% vegan. This is not your regular Dunkin Donuts shop. They serve gourmet doughnuts and cakes. They also serve coffee and tea. I loved the Matcha Doughnut that I tried. I even bought extra to take home. If only all doughnuts can be made this way, I wouldn’t worry kids eating it all the time.

All Chay

They offer the best vegan Vietnamese cuisine in Salt Lake City. Vietnamese cuisine is known for fresh and healthy food options. I come here for the Pho but the Bahn Mi sandwich is great, too. The best part is the price. It is very affordable.

Vertical Diner

This is my comfort food place. People think that vegan diet is all salad. Well, come by and eat here and you will discover that vegan food can be comforting, too. It is not called a diner if it doesn’t serve the usual diner fare such as burgers, sandwiches and really comforting breakfasts. Order anything except the salad. Not that the salad is bad but just because you deserve that greasy treat sometimes.


This is a 100% vegan sandwich place. It is a hole-in-the wall place that serves the yummiest vegan sandwich you have ever tasted. You can order anything and it will always be great. They are good like that. Bring your non-vegan friends here and I’m sure they can hardly tell their food is vegan. Getting your carpets cleaned in Salt Lake City is as easy as going to this website.

Omar’s Rawtopia

I am not a big fan of raw foods but I am adding this to the list because they make art with raw fruits, greens and even nuts. This is definitely heaven for salad lovers. The only concern here is that they use honey and the food is pricey. Don’t get intimidated, though, because you will get your money’s worth. You can be assured that your food is made with finest and freshest ingredients.

I hope you get a chance to try these restaurants so that you can see for yourself that healthy eating doesn’t mean boring.

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Barbara Thomas