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So I was in Utah last month, did a few, went a few places, it was a pretty good trip. I never really thought about going there before, much less research about it, so every little thing was a pleasant surprise for me. From interesting places to surprisingly good beer and the things that you might miss seeing if you just kept on going through without slowing down and just take the culture in, so here’s my Utah experience.

It started with just a simple case of the munchies; I looked for a place to get a bite to eat and found one, ordered a plate of fries and within a few moments I got my order, what came with it is something interesting though. A mysterious looking orange sauce came with my fries, I asked what it was and they called it Fry sauce, I asked what it was made of and I was told that it was just Mayonnaise and Ketchup. Knowing what was in it I had no expectations and gave it a try, when the sauce covered fry entered my mouth it was… I thought it was okay, but after a while I couldn’t stop dipping into the sauce, I became Fry Sauce dependent. Curious I asked if it was that store’s idea, turned out it’s a thing in Utah, found in most if not all stores in Utah.

Coming across something so simple yet unique in Utah, I decided to slow down and take my time getting to know the state. It’s funny what you begin to notice the small things that you would miss, things like swearing… wait is it just me or have I heard little to no swearing since I got here? I said to myself. Apparently swearing is different in Utah, their strong Mormon ties is the reason for this. Call me old fashion but you can’t convey the weight of your feelings with a “Shut the front door!”, if you really want to understand the extent of the outrage you feel you must say what you feel, say “#@#!#!$#!@” or “%!$@%#!@#”. But who am I to tell them how they should convey their negative feelings, truth be told their lack of profanity makes the state a more pleasant.

I asked around and I was told that before I leave I should at least try to have some fun in the snow, they have the best snow they say, and they were right! I don’t know the science but something in their snow makes my skiing skills better, or maybe it was just the fry sauce. One thing I noticed is the abundance of well-proportioned women, but apparently the body they have is not just earned, they are also made! In Utah tummy tuck surgery is quite abundant, though not common the number of people who get it isn’t lacking ;]

Red Rocks of Utah

In the end I did not get to see everything Utah had to offer, but I might go back one day to see everything they can, experience everything there is to. For now I must return to a more familiar place, filled with familiar people and familiar sauces.

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