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Memories of Nasty Pests Ruining my Appetite!

Vegan pasta

Vegan pasta

One of the healthiest lifestyle as of today is being a vegan. And entrepreneurs have grabbed this opportunity to provide convenience for this type of market. A lot of restaurants today offer their menu in full vegan mode so are you fond of dining in vegan restaurants?

A friend of mine have discussed something about wanting to visit a newly opened vegan restaurant and knowing that I have not seen this friend for a while I have decided to accept the invitation to dine with her at this restaurant. We met in our usual place and decided to take a cab going to the restaurant. The travel time is quite long so we discussed a lot of things during the drive.

I’m the type of person who likes to look at the car windows during a ride so while we talk my eyes are staring at the window looking at the establishments and people that we pass by. Along the way, we made a stop at an intersection and as I looked outside I have noticed a management service for pests unloading their cargo from their truck which reminded me of an experience I had with pests.

My work requires me to travel from place to place so at one time I was transferred to Charlotte for about a few weeks and my stay was good, but not as good the first week as I have noticed pests roaming around my apartment. I hate cockroaches; really hate them, especially those flying ones! So I thought I was in a comfortable place but much to my dismay the first night of my stay in the apartment there were like two cockroaches I killed before finally going to sleep. And I thought those were the last of it but after two nights of not getting enough sleep I decided to an affordable exterminator my bail bondsman friend recommended. I told them there were cockroaches and I can’t find the source of it and we immediately agreed on a schedule.

So when they arrived at my apartment they told me to just do my thing as they work on killing the cockroaches in my apartment. They were really friendly, thorough, and professional with me so I felt relaxed as I did my work while they did theirs.

Their service was really effective as I see cockroaches dying in one corner of my apartment. I was really impressed and was able to sleep that night without being bothered if there are still any cockroaches to kill.

As I remember those things our car started moving again and I saw the pest control technician walk away and enter an establishment.

We were almost close to the destination of the vegan restaurant and my friend decided to throw the mighty question of what I am going to eat. Something that I answered with an, “I don’t know.”, because I haven’t seen their menu yet. My friend just told me that she will order for me instead.

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