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The Basics Of Starting An Organic Farm For Your Restaurant

Since we began with our Vegan Restaurant, we had dreams of starting our backyard organic garden. It may be easier to buy our raw materials and ingredients from our trusted organic farmers. But I know that it will be more economical and fun to start our own backyard farm.

We intend to start small and if it would work, we want to expand it to a full-pledge farm. The main vegetable we want to produce are the basic salad greens such as Kale, Spinach, Watercress and Lettuce. It may sound like a feat, but this year, we finally mustered the guts and the budget to start our small organic farm.

The first thing we did was clear our yard from accumulated debris such us rotten wood, weeds and other debris. We had to rent a dumpster to get rid of everything because we did not realize that our backyard is vast and we have accumulated lots of unusable items there. We are so impressed with the service that we want to share their web site with you so you can know more about the services.

I know most of you want to have a farm but do not have enough space. Well, your garden could be a start for your organic farming. Please keep on reading so that I can share with you some tips on how to make your own organic farm.

Start Small

For non-gardeners like us, we were overwhelmed with the task of just cleaning the yard. Imagine having to do that every single day. So make sure you do not bite more that you can chew. If you are just starting, you can begin the activities in just one corner of your garden. You do not expect to finish everything in one weekend. You need to pace yourself and do not get over-zealous.  Doing so might burn you up, and make you feel exhausted to do it again next day.

Another thing to consider is your budget. Do not go over-the-top when you are at the gardening store. I know the excitement when you see the pots and all the tools but please, take hold of yourself and take it slow. It will be good to ask the advice of a local gardener to guide you on the essential things to have so that you do not splurge.

Know your plants and the seasons

Not all plants are created equal. Unlike humans that can wear jackets when it gets cold, certain kinds of plants can only grow when the climate is right. You cannot expect tropical plants to thrive in a cold climate, right? So make sure you know your weather and what plants grow best in that particular climate. You can get the advice of your local gardener on this matter so that you can pick the right plants to grow.

Organic Fertilizers

When we hear organic fertilizers, we think about manure. Yes, it may be right, but we should also be concerned with its source. What if it comes from a poultry farm? It will defeat the purpose of our cause if we continue to support animal cruelty. In this regard, you can check on humane societies for organic fertilizer sources, such as manure from animal shelters. You can also use your kitchen wastes as an addition to your compost.

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