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The Right Place to Propose

ProposalSo there are a lot of places you could propose, some are as extravagant and beautiful places, some are only beautiful to the people who share a wonderful memory of the place. What is important is the location has to have a significant meaning to it. A grand gesture of spending a lot of money to show how money is nothing when it comes to her or a very thoughtful choice where you show that you do care and remember every little sweet thing you done in each place you visited. To help you choose here are a few places where you can pop the question.

1.) The place where you had your first date

Okay, chucky cheese is obviously not the best place to propose, so If you were dating since you were really young maybe choose the first restaurant where you neither had a chaperone and didn’t have fast food. Your aim is a good memory, so by “first date” I mean the first proper one you had, you can still use chucky cheese as a pit stop to remind her of the “real” first date (after she said yes of course).

2.) Rent a Yacht

If you have a good disposable income, family money, or lottery winnings you can rent a yacht, this is one of those Grand Gestures I was talking about. Besides it’s a great way to propose, no one else around to see you if you get that embarrassing “no” or the passionate moment if you get that sweet “yes”. A side note though, if you are short on cash do not use your cousins rusted old fishing boat, it could turn out great if you have MAD decorating skills (which would be on the Sweet Caring side of the spectrum), but just in case you don’t I have to tell you that it could just turn out really terrible, sailing out into the sea in the middle of the night might seem kind of creepy to most women.

3.) Some Romantic European Country 

Italy, France, or Monaco these are the places most women dream of traveling and getting proposed at. A grand gesture that you must only do if you are rich or after saving for a long time, remember you are starting a family, being up to your eyeballs in debt doesn’t make for a good marriage. The beauty of these countries is a great backdrop for a proposal.

4.) Las Vegas

Okay, if you are the spontaneous type I suggest Las Vegas. With world class Hotels, and Restaurants with great food you have a wide array of choices to be the backdrop of you proposal. And if you get a yes, you have to option of getting married right then and there! I don’t suggest it though, a nice well thought out wedding is always preferable.

5.) Any Good Restaurant in Your Vicinity

So we’ve talked about grand gestures and thoughtful places, but what is truly important is you asking her. Of course you should spend a little, as much as you can if possible. It doesn’t have to be a grand place, just make sure it’s a good memorable place. It also doesn’t have to be a place where you share a memory, because you are making a new one! Whichever restaurant you pick, if you get that ‘Yes’ it will be that perfect place where you asked your partner to be with you till the end of your lives.

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Barbara Thomas