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Why I Became a Vegan

There was a time that I loved meet, and why wouldn’t you? It tastes pretty great! Though I did eat vegetables, it did not feel like I had a complete meal if I was not able to eat some meat. But things changed one day, it was not that I […]

My Trip To UTAH | CountryLife

So I was in Utah last month, did a few, went a few places, it was a pretty good trip. I never really thought about going there before, much less research about it, so every little thing was a pleasant surprise for me. From interesting places to surprisingly good beer […]

So What is Vegan Food Really?

People consume food everyday as a source of energy. We consume a lot during breakfast, a fair amount for lunch, and a little for dinner. Well, that’s just my way of eating for the day. It’s a diet that gives me a lot of energy for breakfast and to maintain […]

The Right Place to Propose

So there are a lot of places you could propose, some are as extravagant and beautiful places, some are only beautiful to the people who share a wonderful memory of the place. What is important is the location has to have a significant meaning to it. A grand gesture of […]