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Country Life UK was a leading London-based vegan restaurant providing delicious, nutritious, organic, vegetarian food to eat in or take away, specialising in vegan food, vegan dessert, savoury, breads, crispy salads, rice and pasta dishes and much more. Regrettably, the restaurant is now under new management.

As well as accommodating the vegan diet in the restaurant, we used to have a modern, well-stocked natural vegetarian food store. In addition, we provided a number of other health-promoting services ranging from cooking classes , to massage, health information and qualified medical and nutritional advice with a Doctor at no charge !

Vegan Offers

Come and attend the FREE Health Check sponsored by the Amersham SDA Church at the Royal British Legion Hall in Hazlemere on Sunday 20 May, between 11 am to 4pm. Full details of the program may be found here.

Amersham Health Day - FREE Screening


Did you miss the Health & Happiness series between Thursday 3rd and Sunday 6th February 2005 ? The series included how to detoxify your body, apply natural remedies, and how to optimise mental and spiritual health.


Further Health Resources:
Dr Nedley - Director of the Weimar Institute
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Country Life News & Vegan Tips !

See the Health & Happiness Weekend With Danny Vierra - 3rd to 8th February 2005. More Details.

Danny Vierra runs Modern Manna, a ministry offering wholeness of body, mind and spirit, and the building blocks for excellent health. Obtain the latest information from articles, books, audios and videos for simple, alternative health remedies, which include lifestyle changes, vegetarian cooking, detoxifying and cleansing, juicing and more !

New Vegan Website

We hope you enjoy the new website providing you with the latest news on the Country Life Restaurant & vegan vegetarian news. Do share your suggestions !

The Restaurant & Shop

Learn more about the tasty recipes prepared by the restaurant cooks plus select from a vast array of vegan snacks, breadS, savoury items, juices, cereals and much more from our shop to take way. Click here to find us.

Health Resources

In addition to the vegan restaurant and shop, contact our Doctor for a consultation, download FREE advice sheets, order health books and other health products online.

Other Links

Please feel free to view our other mind, body and spirit links including Leaves Of Life, Nedley Publishing, Uchee Pines and Time Is At Hand.